My research and writing spans a wide range of issues in the environmental science field, including climate change and sea level rise, marine-based renewable energy, and ecology. I also write travel essays, fiction, and editorials. My published writing includes:

eijForest Guardians (2016). On one of the Philippines’ most densely-forest islands, a small team of dedicated park staff struggle to fend off illegal loggers and miners.


Citizen science as an approach for overcoming insufficient monitoring and inadequate stakeholder buy-in in adaptive management: criteria and evidence (2015). Citizen science offers the chance to overcome two of the largest barriers to environmental adaptive management.


Fauna of Sibuyan Island & Mount Guiting-Guiting Natural Park (2014). A guidebook of the unique and threatened species found in the forests of Sibuyan Island.


Beehive in Muir is Stage for Interpretive Dance Performance (2004). Research uncovers how bees communicate – and it involves dancing. Published in Biosphere magazine in 2004.

8Fisheries regulatory regimes and resilience to climate change (2016). Different styles of fisheries management can support or hinder the climate resilience of a fishery.

oceanareportcoverUntapped Wealth: Offshore Wind Can Deliver Cleaner, More Affordable Energy and More Jobs Than Offshore Oil (2010).
Report website
Coverage of the report


Unemployed in the Fast Lane (2011).
Searching for employment in the barren post-Recession landscape.




Globalization, Development, and Poverty (2008). Witnessing first-hand the effects of globalization in Peru. Published in Progressive Populist magazine.